Norfolk County League of Sportsmen's Clubs

Welcome to the Norfolk County League of Sportsmen's Clubs

The purposes for which this league is organized are to conserve, restore, and manage the fish, game and other wildlife and its habitat-in Norfolk County and its environs, to seek to procure better hunting and fishing for sportsmen and women, to promote and maintain friendly relations between landowners and sportsmen, to cooperate in obtaining proper respect for and observance of fish and game laws. To engage in activities necessary for the introduction and passage of laws which will favorable affect the above purposes. To promote closer cooperation in matters of common interest to member clubs. To preserve the second amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America.


Norfolk County League of Sportsmen's Clubs

President: Gary Davis


Changes Coming

This website will soon be revamped. it will reflect the activities from all of the clubs of the Norfolk county clubs. The Norfolk county League of sportsmens clubs is the representative of all the clubs in norfolk county. please help support us. 

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Do you have $1 coins you can't stand and can't get rid of? Donate them to the Norfolk County league of Sportsmen's Clubs. We will Donate 50% of the proceeds to a local or National Charity and you will get rid of your Ugly, Nasty Coins. Please let us Help you Clean them up. 

 Send coins to the following address:

Norfolk County League of Sportsmen's clubs 

P.O. Box 742

Walpole, MA 02081